Windcube® Lidar solutions are changing the way organizations sense and resolve atmospheric risk.

Windcube® is an advanced remote sensing technology that measures the Doppler shift in airborne aerosols. Light frequency Doppler shift is directly proportional to radial wind speed, and therefore is able to provide highly accurate, real time wind speed and direction measurements including turbulence intensities and other boundary layer characteristics.

Windcube® solutions provide real time characterizations as well as temporal and spatial evolution of airborne particulates, enabling wind reconstruction data on par with an IEC calibrated met mast, and providing immediate actionable intelligence to make informed business decisions.

WINDCUBE® Vertical Profiling Lidar

Windcube® Lidar are recognized as the market standard for superior performance for meteorological lower boundary layer sensing, wind resource assessment and wind farm performance monitoring.  Windcube® is a lightweight system featuring four cardinal radial laser beams and one vertically oriented beam to collect data to 200 meters above ground level. Ultra-portable at 45 kg, Windcube® Lidar can be quickly and easily deployed for real time collection of data. With multiple communications options, and the optional Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) complex terrain solution, Windcube® operates reliably in any climate or terrain and provides accurate decisions intelligence.


Key Features and Benefits

Windcube® Vertical Profiling Lidar are the pre-eminent wind reconstruction solution for lower boundary layer sensing, featuring:

  • Optical probing range from 40m to 200m
  • Best in Class Wind Speed Accuracy to 0.1 m/s
  • Horizontal and Vertical Wind Speed, Direction, Turbulence, and Shear 
  • Measures 12 User Selected Heights Simultaneously
  • Ultra Portable at 45kg, 10-Minute Installation
  • Autonomous and Reliable Remote Operation
  • Real-time Data Collection and Dissemination Capabilities

The 5th vertical beam integrated into all Windcube® Lidar provides direct measurements of the w component of the wind vector, enabling best in class vertical wind speed measurements at all Windcube® measuring heights. 

The fiber technology featured in all Windcube® Lidar is designed to meet the world’s most extreme operational requirements, while offering optimal instrument design and performance. Accompanying Windsoft® software provides highly versatile configurability suited to a wide range of commercial, industrial and research applications.

Rental and Purchase options are available for short and long term campaigns, proof of concept and other applications. Ask us how we can help.

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