Windcube® Lidar solutions are changing the way organizations sense and resolve atmospheric risk. 

Windcube® is an advanced remote sensing technology that measures the Doppler shift in airborne aerosols. Light frequency Doppler shift is directly proportional to radial wind speed, and therefore is able to provide highly accurate, long range, real time wind speed and direction measurements including wind shear, boundary layer characteristics and turbulence. 

Windcube® solutions provide real time characterizations as well as temporal and spatial evolution of airborne particulates, enabling atmospheric observations of potential environmental, health, safety, commercial and industrial hazards, and providing immediate actionable intelligence to make informed business decisions.

WINDCUBE® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar

An ever-changing environment demands versatile, configurable, and highly resolved remote sensing solutions. Whether to provide low-level wind shear alerts for airport operators, boundary layer wind transport conditions and aerosol plumes simultaneously and in real-time,  or outflow boundary movements in severe thunderstorms, Windcube® solutions are designed to provide accurate decisions intelligence.

Key Features and Benefits

Windcube® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar are the pre-eminent wind reconstruction solution for boundary layer sensing, featuring;

-    Optical probing range from 100m to 3.5 km, 6 km, 10km (wind) or 14km (aerosol)
-    Versatile Instrument Configurability
-    Pre-programmed Scanning Patterns
-    Infinite Combination of Scan Sequence Configurations
-    Autonomous and Reliable Remote Operation
-    Real-time Data Collection and Dissemination Capabilities
-    Automated 3D Cloud and Aerosol Distinction Capabilities

Windcube® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar integrate the same pulsed Doppler technology as the ubiquitous Windcube® Vertical Profiler, while introducing long-range, 3D measurement capability and scanning versatility to 10km for wind reconstruction,  and 14km for cloud and aerosols detection. 

The fiber technology featured in all Windcube® Lidar is designed to meet the world’s most extreme operational requirements, while offering optimal instrument design and performance. Accompanying Windforge® software provides highly versatile scanning scenarios suited to a wide range of commercial, industrial and research applications.

Windcube® 100S/200S/400S Scanning Lidar operate with a fast scanner head, a feature with proven value for capturing highly turbulent local phenomena including aircraft and wind turbine wake vortices, or for scanning wide boundary layer segments at high frequency.

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