NRG Systems is proud to partner with the the U.S. Government, Department of Defense inter-agencies, and the Department of Homeland Security to provide world-class intelligent remote sensing solutions.

Ballistics, chemical, and biological defense systems depend on accurate, real-time wind reconstruction capabilities to enable our nation’s defenders to counter chemical, biological, radiological, and explosives (CBRE) hazards. WINDCUBE® Lidar enables elite defense and detection systems to operate a seamless integrated monitoring solution—in the face of an uncertain world.

NRG Systems helps our nation’s defenders detect and predict atmospheric risk.

Decisions Support for Ballistics, Homeland Security Operations

Missile defense systems rely on accurate, highly resolved wind reconstruction analyses to properly deploy, defend, and protect our national interests. WINDCUBE® Lidar provides real-time boundary layer wind conditions in support of global missions-critical decisions support initiatives involving test and evaluation, launch/landing, and recovery operations. 

Provision Air Defense Systems and Testing Capabilities

Our nation’s top test and evaluation proving grounds rely on WINDCUBE® Lidar to provide unparalleled testing scenarios and technology assessments while maintaining the utmost in personnel safety. International agencies with interests in developing world class environmental, chemical, and biological defense systems now deploy WINDCUBE® Lidar as an integral component of air defense monitoring systems.

Anticipate and predict risk evolution

WINDCUBE® Lidar is an integral remote sensing solution for the simultaneous detection of airborne aerosol threats and wind transport mechanisms. Homeland Security programs designed to detect and predict the movement of airborne agents rely on WINDCUBE® Lidar for accurate, real-time decisions intelligence. NRG Systems and Leosphere are partnered with the U.S. government to improve security, protect individuals from exposure, and support the mission to secure America.