Re-Cap: 2018 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

L-R: Dwyer Haney, Product Manager (NRG Systems), Paul Drewniak, Manager of Lidar Meteorology Solutions for North America (NRG Systems), and Ludovic Thobois, Scientific Studies Manager for Meteorology and Aviation Weather Applications (Leosphere) in NRG Systems' booth at AMS 2018.

The 98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (AMS) drew a near record crowd to Austin, Texas, this year. Held January 7-11, the event was attended by over 4,000 registered attendees, including scientists, educators, students, and other professionals from across the weather, water, and climate communities.

This year’s show explored the crucial role that communication plays in how we respond to challenges across scientific disciplines – a particularly timely theme as extreme weather events become more frequent, decades-old air emissions policies change abruptly, and advances in aerospace continue to gain momentum.

NRG Systems, North America’s exclusive distributor of Leosphere’s remote sensing solutions, exhibited at AMS for the second year in a row. Once again, attendees from NRG were inspired by the spirit of comradery that pervades the show. According to Paul Drewniak, NRG’s Manager of Lidar Meteorology Solutions for North America, “The desire to move forward with collaborative partnerships was clearly evident this Meeting, along with a desire to share insights involving the latest scientific developments in boundary layer remote sensing.”

Also in attendance at AMS 2018 was Ludovic Thobois, Leosphere’s ‎Scientific Studies Manager for Meteorology and Aviation Weather Applications. Thobois, who spoke about the repeatability and stability of wind measurements of Coherent Doppler Lidar units at the show, noted a growing interest in using Lidar across a range of operational applications in addition to the research it has been used for in the past.

In order to fulfill this need, Lidar must be part of a holistic remote sensing system – an approach that NRG Systems and Leosphere have pioneered with the New York State Mesonet – an advanced weather network dedicated to improving the detection and prediction of severe weather events. For the Mesonet, Windcube Scanning Lidar units have been integrated into enhanced weather stations dispersed throughout the state. Real-time data from the Scanning Lidar units is sent to the National Weather Service as well as the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, enabling better forecasting and in turn, quicker and more efficient emergency management decisions.

According to Thobois, “The Windcube Lidar technology has been an ISO standardized technology since 2017 and can address multiple needs with the same system. We continue working to develop our remote sensing solutions, including software around the system, so that we can address different operational needs in multiple markets by tailoring different alerting and decision support solutions.”

Drewniak adds, “The professional meteorology sector understands the intrinsic value in performing volumetric, highly resolved boundary layer remote sensing. NRG Systems is in alignment with these industry trends, and is excited to be entering into a number of new strategic partnerships enabling the use of wind profilers to advance the next generation of business decisions guidance systems.”

Windcube Lidar solutions are available through NRG Systems by sale or rental. For more information, please contact Paul Drewniak by email at or by phone at 802.363.0186.