NRG Systems to Provide Advanced Lidar Solutions to Foster Meteorological Research and Intelligence in North America

Hinesburg, VT, USA NRG Systems, a global leader in the distribution and service of atmospheric remote sensing solutions, has announced today the U.S. launch of advanced Lidar solutions that offer meteorology experts real-time, high-resolution vertical and spatial profiling of the planetary boundary layer. This Lidar technology, which provides volumetric lower atmospheric observations unavailable via other methodologies, is setting the stage for next generation weather prediction models. It provides meteorological professionals with powerful new capabilities to analyze and mitigate atmospheric risk such as storm formations and severe pollution events.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, a number of critical atmospheric variables in numerical weather prediction are currently not adequately measured, including wind profiles at all levels, temperature and humidity profiles of sufficient vertical resolution, and precipitation. Exciting advances in numerical weather prediction modeling are underway, driven in large part by the ability to assimilate volumetric wind, temperature, and moisture observations on increasingly resolved temporal and spatial scales. This Lidar technology, called WINDCUBE®, is recognized as the pre-eminent wind reconstruction solution for boundary layer sensing, featuring an infinite combination of scan sequence configurations, autonomous remote operation, and real-time data collection and dissemination capabilities.

“WINDCUBE® Lidar has a proven scientific pedigree, and a strong track record of operational performance. It helps research, industrial, and corporate professionals with a requirement for accurate, real-time boundary layer information to resolve uncertainty and make informed decisions in an ever-changing atmospheric environment,” commented Paul Drewniak, a meteorological industry expert recently recruited to head NRG’s new Lidar Meteorology Solutions business unit.

WINDCUBE® Lidar enables real-time, 3D detection capabilities for parameters including spatial wind variance, vertical velocity distribution, low-level jet maxima, surface heat flux, and mixing ratios, in micro, meso, and macro-scale regimes. This intelligence provides atmospheric scientists and operational meteorologists with real-time assessments of mesoscale outflow boundaries, gust fronts, dry lines, and other air mass interactions critical to valuable severe weather forecasts and alerts.

WINDCUBE® Lidar offers strong synergies with other remote sensing technologies. “Whether to provide low-level wind shear alerts for airport operators or outflow mass boundary movements in developing severe thunderstorms, WINDCUBE® Lidar is designed to provide accurate decisions intelligence as an integrated environmental monitoring solution alongside Radar, Radiometer, Ceilometer, and Mesonet instrumentation,” explained Drewniak.

Earlier this year, NRG Systems secured a contract with the state of New York to supply up to 17 WINDCUBE® 100S 3D scanning Lidar systems for the  New York State Mesonet, an advanced weather network dedicated to improving the detection and prediction of severe weather events. "Our immediate objective is to provide better early warning in advance of severe weather, but the benefits will go well beyond that," explained Everette Joseph, director of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the University at Albany. "We will be able to help give guidance to a variety of interested industries, including transportation and energy. There will be significant economic benefit from having this network in New York State."

WINDCUBE® Lidars are designed and manufactured by French technology firm LEOSPHERE, and exclusively distributed in America by NRG Systems. The technology, which is recognized as the best-in-class Lidar solution in academic communities worldwide, is an essential tool for all organizations dedicated to improving their atmospheric hazards control capabilities.

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