Act Local – The New York State Mesonet(300Kb)

Meteorological Technology International
September 2016

“Existing observing networks built for national coverage need to be complemented with denser and more local networks for better understanding, monitoring and forecasting of mesoscale phenomena, especially severe weather.”

Ludovic Thobois, Leosphere, Everette Joseph, Jerald Brotzge and Chris Thorncroft, University of Albany, Paul Drewniak, NRG Systems

Weather the Storm – Air Traffic Observing Systems(340KB)

Meteorological Technology International
April 2016

“New remote sensing technologies such as fiber-based Doppler lidar can now be used operationally to enhance existing observation systems at airports.”

Ludovic Thobois and David Langhor, Leosphere

NOWcasting Severe Storms(800KB)

Meteorological Technology International
September 2015

“Conventional observing systems can be complemented with lidar measurements to better understand and forecast the hazards of severe storms.”

Ludovic Thobois, Leosphere; Joshua Soderholm, University of Queensland, Australia

Particle Physics – Wind and Particle Monitoring for Better Environmental Observations(320KB)

Meteorological Technology International
August 2014

“Remote sensing observation networks can provide and improve key meteorological and atmospheric parameters.”

Melody Renaudier, Ludovic Simonneau and Laurent Sauvage, Leosphere