NRG Systems provides the world’s leading environmental solutions platforms for wind reconstruction, air pollution transport, and particulate matter remote sensing.

We enable businesses with an interest in detecting and quantifying airborne aerosols to make intelligent decisions—in the face of atmospheric uncertainty.

From Shanghai to Southern California, air quality management agencies choose Windcube® Lidar for proven technology, unrivalled scanning versatility, and unmatched commercial performance.

NRG Systems. We help you visualize atmospheric risk.

Identify potential airborne environmental, health, safety, and industrial hazards

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that an estimated 6.6 million tons of criteria pollutants were released into the atmosphere across the contiguous U.S. Windcube® Lidar provides the ability to retrieve boundary layer height, and detect wind transport conditions and aerosol plumes simultaneously and in real-time, enabling the identification of the source, location, distance, altitude, and dispersion rates of potentially hazardous industrial emissions.

Provision government emissions compliance standards

Federal, state, and regional air quality management agencies rely on Windcube® Lidar as an integral component of their remote sensing capabilities. Whether for fence line monitoring of refineries, petrochemical, mining, or other industrial plants, or for wind reconstruction in support of dispersion mapping and modeling, Windcube® Lidar provides highly accurate, mobile, and flexible technology with unsurpassed ease of use and configurability.

Quantify risk and provide actionable decisions intelligence

Business and operational leaders understand the importance of proactive risk identification and avoidance. Whether to provide accurate, real-time atmospheric airborne dispersion conditions for first responders or as a critical stage in Emergency Response Plans, Windcube® Lidar is always vigilant and prepared to provide actionable business decisions intelligence.

Better anticipate and predict risk evolution

Windcube® Lidar provides accurate, highly resolved horizontal and vertical wind conditions of the lower boundary layer—requisite parameters for the skillful initialization of air dispersion and numerical weather prediction models. Whether for use in the assessment, assimilation, or operational use of industry standard models including AERMOD®, CALPUFF®, and HYSPLIT® , real-time atmospheric information supplied by Windcube® Lidar provides a greater degree of confidence for forecasters and decision makers.