NRG Systems is a global leader in the distribution and service of atmospheric remote sensing products and intelligent solutions for the professional meteorology and renewable energy markets.

NRG pioneered wind resource assessment more than 35 years ago, when the wind energy industry was just beginning. Today, the company serves multiple stages of meteorological, wind energy, solar energy, and enterprise solutions development—from academia to  commercial operation. You’ll find NRG Systems’ products in use by air quality management districts, environmental firms, research institutes, and governments in more than 170 countries.

NRG Systems. We help you visualize atmospheric risk.

About Our Business Partner
Leosphere is a global leader in Lidar atmospheric remote observation in markets such as wind energy, weather and climate, aviation weather, air quality, and industrial risk. The company develops and manufactures new turnkey remote-sensing instruments that allow wind measurement and aerosol detection. Leosphere has deployed more than 800 Lidars throughout the world in severe environments with the same concern of reliability, reduction of operational costs for clients, and dedication to atmospheric hazards control. Learn more at